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Applying Column Formats

Column Formats are applied directly to list fields or site columns and stored with them.

Format this column menu

Most supported column types provide a "Format this column" menu option in the column menu within the modern list view:

format menu

This will open the Format column panel where you can paste your format and click Save to apply:

format column panel

Some column types provide Design Mode wizards. These can be helpful, but to apply a format directly click the Advanced mode link and you can now paste your format and click Save to apply:

design mode

Field Settings

You can also apply formats directly in the field settings screen for both list fields and site columns. Just navigate to the field settings screen (List Settings > Field) and near the bottom is a spot where you can paste your format and save it with your field or site column:

field settings


This is currently the only way to apply formats directly to fields of type Currency or Location since they don't provide a Format this column menu option.